Duck! Dominionists are Coming in for a Landing (slaughteringthesheep)

Posted on October 29, 2012by Chrystal Whitt

Did you know Geneva, Switzerland is pregnant?  Well, it will be on December 8, 2012, because that’s the next time charismatic, global dominionists will gather to take dominion over cities, boats, trains, video games, sewers, drain pipes, windows, gazebos, box cars, plate glass windows, ladders, pot holes, grocery stores, flower shops, movie theaters, city buses, and sundry other things that do or may possess a devil or two.

Check out this video featuring Lou Engle and Stacey Campbell.  TheCall Geneva is right around the corner and you will definitely want to miss it!  Why?  I’ll give you three good reasons.

1.) Dominionism isn’t Scriptural.
2.) Dominionism isn’t Scriptural.
3.) Dominionism isn’t Scriptural.

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