A leading NAR-dominionist in South-America: “Apostle” César Castellano (David Choiniere)


by David Choiniere – Guatemala / Guatemala-City site: Dominionismo en todas sus formas 03/18/2014

César Castellanos claimed to have a revelation in 1983 in which he claimed God was leading him to establish the biblical method of evangelism and church growth. It was through the establishment of groups of 12, which he claimed  was Jesus’ method of discipleship. Castellanos had studied Dr. David Yonggi Cho’s cell group techniques and was unsuccessful applying them to the Latin American context. He then went on to formulate his ‘revelation’ in a system which had to be diligently followed to work.

Castellanos` church saw rapid growth and grew to over 250,000 persons and over 55,000 cell groups. It obviously meant people were partaking in several groups and that is the case. His success led other pastors to want to emulate his teachings and soon he was consulted on methods of church growth. He later went on to form his own association and his own apostolic network which is spread across the plant and includes Faith Community Baptist Church in Singapore.

He holds conferences where pastors learn his techniques and apply them to their own churches. To do that they must buy his materials and apply them rigorously with making any modifications. His critics claim he is using abusive discipling techniques and there are many stories of abuse as the negative stories of families and individuals being harmed and also accusations of sheep stealing as people are drawn away from other churches in order to participate in the elitism of Castellanos’ church Mision Carismatica Internacional.

Cesar Castellanos is one of the leading exponents of dominionism in Latin America. He is pastor of one of the largest churches in the world and has served in the Colombian government, even his wife served two terms in the Colombian Senate.


Apostle” César Castellano

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