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In Guatemala there is a pastor who claims to be a modern-day apostle. There are many others who claim to be modern-day apostles but I will only deal with Cash Luna here as I attended his church for two years and am… familiar with him. (I no longer go there). He is pastor of a church named Casa de Dios (House of God). It is a large mega-church in a new building that holds nearly 12,000 persons and claims an attendance of 30,000 each week in the different services. It was inaugurated just over a year ago to much fanfare. He is often commented on in the secular press and arouses disdain from Catholics and Evangelicals alike who see him as using religion to make a ton of money.


He is popular in much of Latin America and his services are televised on Enlace, the Spanish version of TBN. He has over 498,000 followers on Twitter and over 3.4 million fans on Facebook. He holds miracle crusades which are called Noches de Gloria (Nights of Glory). They emphasize divine healing. Many claim that the divine healings are fraudulent and that it is no more than a show. People fall down slain in the Spirit as in a trance, trembling, there is the Holy Laughter where people laugh uncontrollably, Drunk in the Spirit where people act drunk, and other weird manifestations occur in his services. You can see a youtube video in which he challenges other pastors to pick up a bible thrown on the floor and when they do are they unable to and fall over like drunk in the Spirit. In another video he is seen touching people who are seated and their heads plop down. All this he attributes to the power of the Holy Spirit upon him. But to anyone who visits the church it comes off as a big show, a big circus. Jesus did not do any of this nonsense and neither did any of the apostles in the bible. Yet the modern-day apostles like Cash Luna claim to do even greater miracles than the ones in the bible. They attribute it to the new outpouring of the Holy Spirit in these last days as prophesied by the prophet Joel. Most of it is sheer blasphemy. In another video he is seen saying that marijuana is full of flavor. It hardly comes off as a case against drug use.

He holds healing crusades where he claims the sick get healed and people experience deliverance from evil spirits. His crusades can reach attendance in the thousands and he routinely fills stadiums. He travels about on his own private aircraft.

Cash Luna founded his church in 1994 and claims its rapid growth is due to a visitation by the Holy Spirit. He claims the Holy Spirit descended on the small group which initially started the church and that it was like in the Book of Acts chapter two with the sound of a mighty rushing wind and tongues of fire which came on the people.

In interviews with the press he claims to have received three different visions of Jesus starting when he was a mere child. He claims that he attended a crusade of the late Katherine Kuhlman when he was a child in which she laid hands on him and he first got the anointing that was to bless his ministry later in life.

Cash Luna claims to be Dr. Cash. He claims to have a doctorate in theology despite the fact that there is no documentation of him getting a doctorate degree. His claims to be a doctor in theology are false but it does not stop people from believing he is a bona fide doctor with a bona fide doctorate degree. If you ask people where he studied they say that they do not know but that if he claims to be Dr. than it must be true. No one is willing to investigate these false claims. He does not reveal where he studied as it would prove his claims are bogus. The truth is that he did not study anywhere. A friend gave me a website of a school where he supposedly studied through a correspondence course. Yet, when I went to the site it was lacking information. Still, there was an email address and so I sent off an email. I got a reply that he did indeed study there but they would not say when or any information that I could validate. Since I did not see a street address I sent off an email requesting the street address and they never replied. The whole thing seemed to be a fictitious school granting fictitious degrees so people could claim they have degrees they never studied for. There was secrecy about the whole affair and even though the school was supposed to be in California it was not listed with the California list of accredited, degree granting institutions

Cash Luna is a boaster who likes the praises of men. He exaggerates his accomplishments and boasts of the ‘hard work’ he did to build up his church. He is a smooth talker who was a former insurance salesmen. He became wealthy as a salesman but  founding his church has made him a millionaire several times over. People give him expensive gifts like cars and planes and he keeps them. He lives a lavish lifestyle and goes about with several bodyguards. His suits are handmade by exclusive tailors. He wears a Rolex and has memberships in exclusive clubs in the country.

His name is Carlos Luna but supposedly he is called Cash because he could not pronounce Carlos as a child and it came out as Cash-los and shortened to Cash. The fact that Carlos is far easier for the Spanish-speaking person to pronounce than Cash makes his claim doubtful. His name is Cash probably because of his love for money and material things. His salary is not disclosed and he probably has free access to whatever he might need for his lavish lifestyle as there are no controls to stop him, that is, he just takes as much as he wants without restrictions.

At the Casa de Dios bookstore, only books and study materials from Cash Luna and his pastoral staff are sold. One of his books is a glossy book with pictures with motivational phrases underneath them. His bestselling book is called En Honor del Espritu Santo (In Honor of the Holy Spirit).

Motivational and prosperity teaching undergird the teaching at the church. They emphasize divine healing as well.  You are told that God wants you to be successful and have a lot of wealth. They consider wealth a sign of God’s blessing. There is scant warning about the dangers of wealth and the problem of the love of money.

Cash Luna is part of a new movement that is spreading fast. Some call it the third wave, while others call it neo pentecostalism. Traditional pentecostalism rejects much of what they teach, such as positive confession, prosperity, and the restoration of the five-fold ministry, including the need for modern-day prophets and apostles. These teachings go back to the days of William Branham who is considered the father of the heresies Latter-day Rain and Manifest Sons of God, which teach that God is bringing revival like never before in history and that the the five-fold ministry is being restored and , with it, the restoration of the offices of apostle and prophet and that we are on our way to divinity. There are different names for this movement but for the purposes of this article we will use the term NAR (New Apostolic Reformation). Cash Luna is a major player in this movement of modern-day prophets and apostles in Latin America.

NAR means New Apostolic Reformation and refers to the movement of apostles and prophets such as the International Coalition of Apostles of Peter Wagner. Wagner says that we are living in the age of a new reformation–that of postdenominationalism, in which God is doing away with traditional denominations to create networks of churches in apostolic networks. They claim the apostolic networks are necessary as the new wineskins needed to contain the new outpouring of God’s Spirit. The apostles insist that all Christians must adhere to an apostolic network to be part of what God is doing now. Not to join is to be without spiritual covering and risk being left out of what God is doing.

The term NAR is also used to refer any of the charismatic movements which emphasize weird manifestations such as jerking and trembling, holy laughter, being slain in the Spirit, impartation of the anointing, and being drunk in the Spirit. These were manifestations found in so-called revivals such as the Toronto Blessing. Apart from these teachings these charismatic churches also hold to other Pentecostal beliefs such as Spiritual gifts, the baptism of the Holy Spirit and divine healing.

I do not recommend Cash Luna and his message. It is mainly motivational and people are taught to confess positively so that they can walk in the abundance that God expects them to experience. His D12 program (a program in which people form groups of 12 to be discipled) is a clever trick to build a worldly empire devoted to him. He constantly proclaims ‘God told me’ yet his message contradicts the bible. Jesus did not teach abundant earthly blessings and the apostles he chose all forsook comfort to bring the gospel to many parts of Asia and Europe. They suffered, yet Cash Luna says we do not have to suffer if we activate our faith. They got sick yet Cash Luna says we can live in perfect health. His followers quote him as if his words were on level with scripture and some have wanted all his best quotes made into a book that they can read as they do scripture. This may seem strange but is logical if you understand that modern-day apostles are supposed to receive continual new revelations which are needed to carry out the purposes of God today.

It would nice to imagine that people are learning the bible somehow in these churches but in reality very little real bible teaching is done at his church. Verses are constantly taken out of context and given a motivational meaning or a meaning that supports their false doctrine. Cash Luna may have a big church and a big international following but that does not mean God is using him. He is merely building his own kingdom. A  big church and a big following are no proof of God’s blessing. He is carnal, not spiritual and he is indeed a wolf in sheep’s clothing.


Video where he says marijuana is full of flavour:

Video where he challenges the pastors to grab the bible on the floor:

Video where he touches the people and their heads drop: Video deleted


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