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“This is an article detailing the ministry of Harold Caballeros and his political career to date—Caballeros is one of the closest ‘apostles’ to Peter Wagner. (Note that the bible does not endorse the idea of modern-day apostles. Jesus named 12 men to be apostles to begin the church).”

Harold Caballeros is one of the new ‘super’ apostles. It’s a title that false apostle Peter Wagner gave to him as Wagner concluded that Caballeros was already doing the work of an apostle and deserved official status. Of course, Caballeros is a false apostle too as they all are.


Harold Caballeros

In Caballeros testimony he talks about how, when he was growing up, he went to one of Guatemala’s elite private Catholic schools and then went on to study law at Guatemala’s prestigious Universidad Franscico Marrroquin. He was going to practice law when he met his wife who was part of the new evangelism of Guatemala. Evangelicals were coming on strong after the 1976 earthquake gave boost to the evangelical churches. Through his wife to be’s efforts he was converted to the evangelical faith. In his messages he talks about how he felt called to the ministry. He studied to be a preacher and did his practicum at Lakewood Church which was then pastored by John Osteen. John was a famous Word of Faith preacher who built up one of the largest Word of Faith churches in the United States. Caballeros claims he went to Houston speaking only Spanish but that the Lord gave him an ability to speak fluent English without studying it. (really, do you expect us to believe that?)

Upon his return to Guatemala Caballeros founded the El Shaddai church and turned it into a mega-church. He decided that not enough was being done to reach the middle and upper classes in Guatemala. Thus he embarked on an effort to reach them by teaching them God wanted them to be wealthy and live comfortably. This was in contrast to the popular message which told people they had to live an austere life. The austere message was great for gathering the poor into the church but turned off those who were well-off. Harold soon changed that. Later, he also acquired two radio stations.

Soon Caballeros was reaping the results of his prosperity message and many middle and upper-class people joined his church. For the first time all the social classes were being ‘reached’ for Jesus.

Along the way he met Peter Wagner who was setting up his apostolic networks and saw a good candidate in Caballeros. By then El Shaddai had grown into a huge mega-church with thousands of members. That’s when Wagner recruited Caballeros into his apostolic network he was forming. That’s when Caballeros was made an apostle.

With his brand of neopentecostalism Harold Caballeros preached prosperity and conquering the country for the gospel. His church emphasized entrepreneurialship and hard work plus a belief that you can claim prosperity by repeating certain passages from the bible and it will be yours. He associated with Paul Yonggi Cho, the famous Korean pastor and brought him to speak at El Shaddai. Through the years many of the well-known NAR preachers have preached at El Shaddai, including so-called prophetess Cindy Jacobs.

In the 1990s Caballeros began putting ‘Jesus is Lord of Guatemala’ on billboards all over the country to get his message out. This was in an era of increasing violence and government corruption. Somehow. someone was not getting the message.

In 2006 Harold Caballeros started his new University, San Pablo. He dreamed that it would be a place where leaders would be formed who who transform society to the highest levels.


Harold Caballeros resigned the pastorate of his church in 2006 to go into politics. He left the church in care of his wife who took over the pastorate. Church attendance fell as many were dismayed that Caballeros was quitting to go into politics. But first he went to Harvard to obtain his doctorate in political science. Then he returned to Guatemala. He has maintained a network of murky friendships with figures from Guatemala’s dark past which he he used in an attempt to run for president two times. The first time his party was told it was not properly registered and he abandoned the race and the second time he was allowed to run but failed to garner more than 5% of the popular vote for president. If he thought he would be guaranteed the evangelical vote he was greatly mistaken. He failed to consider that the evangelical vote is divided and Also, not too many evangelicals embraced the theology of prosperity as most people who live there are dirt poor. Caballeros also failed to win support of the Catholics.

Evangelicals still have a sour taste in their mouths after supporting Elias Serrano in his quest for presidency several years before. Serrano ran as an evangelical and claimed he was going to clean up the corruption in the government yet when Serrano took power he abused it and stole the public money. Later he fled to Panama where he remains to this day.

Despite losing the 2011 elections Caballeros was selected to be minister of Foreign Affairs because of his support for the winning candidate in the runoff. After one year in the office he was dismissed. His one year as minister of foreign affairs ended after a lackluster performance in office. This was exacerbated by callous comments he made after an army massacre in which he suggested that the total was very tiny in a country with one of the highest homicide rates in the world.


Harold Caballeros is part of the new movement sweeping the Christian world called New Apostolic Reformation. It is based on the heresy of the old Latter-Day Rain heresy which said that God was restoring the offices of apostle and prophet in a new revival that was to usher in the kingdom.

Among the teachings of Harold Caballeros is the claim that Guatemala is poor because the Mayan indigenous made a pact with devil many long years ago and that spiritual warfare will break this curse. No one has ever proven such a pact has ever been made, not to say that the indigenous were worshiping the true God. At lot of Caballeros teaching is based on positive confession and self-esteem. We are supposed to believe we are going to do great exploits. That includes gaining worldly success.

Caballeros also teaches dominionism which says that Adam fell and relinquished the world to satan but that through Christ we can claim it back and that it is mainly through spiritual warfare and getting control of the government institutions.

Caballeros has been involved in many questionable business dealings. When he bought the property which currently houses his church it was an enclosed area of poor people. The owner kicked them out without warning as he signed the papers handing the land to Caballeros.

An administrative building was constructed but services were held in a huge tent for several years as construction for the church building was delayed for several years because of opposition from his neighbours.

When Caballeros did finish the construction of the church he put everything in his own name. That way if the building was ever sold he would pocket a tidy profit.

In fact, the schools he set up were all put in his name too. He has a network of 18 schools. They charge high tuition and is designed for his mostly middle class congregation.

Years later, when he was planning his future university a huge piece of land was donated that was to house the university. Instead, Caballeros put the university in the basement of the church building. The land donated has been vacant ever since.

Obviously, Caballeros has been quite the businessman. His real estate investments have made him a millionaire even though they cannot pass for transparent and ethical.

The financing of his presidential is run through Grupo Los Tres, a car dealership which mostly sells Jaguars to the elite, especially the drug lords, who are among the few with the ability to buy such luxury vehicles in a poor country such as Guatemala.

Not long ago ‘apostle’ Harold Caballeros of Guatemala abandoned the idea of running for presidency again. He said he would only run for congress. He had two failed attempts in which he had dismal showings. It was obvious he had little support for a third attempt at the highest office in the country. His party was debilitated by recent defections to other political parties putting his whole project of a Christian party that would bring the kingdom of God to Guatemala in jeopardy.

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