16 New Video Interviews: Spiritual Seduction (Dr. Martin Erdmann)

(Dr. Martin Erdmann http://veraxinstitut.ch)

Dr. Martin Erdmann

There has been a change of plans. For the time being the Verax Institute will not produce a DVD-video on the topic of the Spiritual Seduction series of interviews, as it was originally envisioned. It is not entirely out of the question that this project will be taken up sometime later.

The immediate benefit which flows out of this decision is that all of the segments of the video interview are accessible now to everyone who would like to listen to them.

The videos are grouped in a Vimeo album called “Spiritual Seduction“:

1-Science Fiction

2-Postmodern Prophecy Paradigm

3-Rudiments of the World

4-As in the Days of Noah


6-Hyper-Spiritual Warfare

7-Dark Sources



10-Ancient Mythology

11-Quantum Mysticism

12-The Watchers

13-Serpent Seed Doctrine

14-Date Setting

15-The Propagators

16-Conspiracy Theory